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• Fans gasped when Henrik Sedin(notes) revealed his long-lost triplet brother 'Shorty' before last night's game, who was immediately claimed on waivers by Brian Burke. [Getty]

• Disney On Ice is the Devil's tool. It helped cause the ice to melt at Nationwide Arena, causing a bit of panic about tonight's Columbus Blue Jackets home game. [Puck-Rakers]

• No Jonathan Toews(notes) or Marian Hossa(notes) at the Chicago Blackhawks morning skate, but Toews will play tonight against the Minnesota Wild. [Blackhawks]

• Those Erik Johnson(notes) trade rumors for the St. Louis Blues? Knock'em off, says Andy Strickland. [True Hockey]

• Who is the most valuable goal scorer on each NHL team, based on percentage of total offense? And did you expect Milan Lucic's(notes) name to be on this list? [Die By the Blade]

• Another brilliant Alternate Universe NHL Guardian by Pensblog: Mr. 67 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Pensblog]

• Speaking of The Pensblog, they have an animated .gif of what they believe was an epic dive from Alex Ovechkin(notes) of the Washington Capitals last night. [tPb]

• Humbling stat of the day: Alex Ovechkin "hasn't scored on the power play in Washington's last 130 chances." [Capitals Insider]

• Good piece by Tapeleg on transparency in the NHL's video review process: "If the war room and hockey operations people are truly doing everything they can to make sure the games are carried out in a fair way, there shouldn't be as much of a barrier between the fans and the process." [Jerseys And Hockey Love]

• Is wearing a hockey sweater over the age of 15 "weird" or childish? [Broad Street Hockey]

• In which Michael Strahan and Charles Barkley crash the Minnesota Wild rookie dinner. "Apparently, there was also an argument about which fast food chain is better between Barkley's Taco Bell and Strahan's Subway." [Wild, via Carly P.]

• Making the case for Barry Trotz to win the Jack Adams this season. [THN]

• It's a little hard to take an All-Star Game replacements post seriously that lists a player (Henrik Zetterberg(notes)) who has already asked out of the game. [Slam]

• The great Ian Walker talks with Scott Harnell of the Philadelphia Flyers, including how he felt about Maxim magazine calling him 'The Most Horrible Looking NHL Player': "[Laughing] I thought it was great. Any press is good press." [Vancouver Sun]

• Terrific piece in the Mercury News about San Jose Sharks forward Scott Nichol's(notes) suspension, the Sharks inability to comprehend the NHL's suspension policy and Nichol on concussions: "You look fine. You're not walking around with a cast. But you can't concentrate. Lights bother you. You can't even push your kids on the swing because that movement bothers you." [Mercury News]

• Fantastic news from the NHL: "As the National Hockey League reached the halfway point in the season, the League continued the business growth it has seen over the last four years and is on pace to set an all-time revenue record. In the face of an uncertain economy, the NHL expects total revenue growth for the fifth straight year, in the neighborhood of four to five percent to almost $2.9 billion. League generated revenue is anticipated to grow by 14 percent, resulting in an 85 percent increase over the last four years." [NHL]

• From SensTown, on the Ottawa Senators player purge that may be upcoming: "Mike Fisher does not have a no movement clause as most seem to believe. He does however have a limited no trade clause, which means he may submit a list of 5 teams he will not accept a trade to. So there's hope we might be able to move him." [SensTown]

• Lord Stanley sends over an interesting take on concussions in hockey: "So the real and ultimate responsibility is still on a coach. He needs to teach the kids as a whole and individually at practice and during games. The sooner we integrate these simple techniques together at the early ages on a consistent basis the better and safer the game will be. So when these kids become professionals the game will still be physical and fast-paced, while being less dangerous. Please, no more head banging hockey." [Examiner]

• From an anonymous reader: "I know there are a lot of different ways to measure the contenders for who inherits the mantle of top Canadian goalie from Marty Brodeur--is it wrong to think that Flower being on the front of the Krispy Kreme across the street from the Raleigh Civic Center has to mean something within that context?  For the record, the Shish Kabob joint and Marriott hotel sandwiching this Krispy Kreme have Cam Ward(notes) on them."

• Inside the relationship between Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) and Jacques Lemaire with the New Jersey Devils. Said the coach: "He wants to learn and he asks me to talk to him about the game, what I want him to do. He says, 'I want to improve,' and I think he's improving big time -- big time." [NHL.com]

• "Rick Comley, a two-time national championship head coach, and one of just a handful of active multi-title coaches in college hockey, announced today that he will retire at the end of this season." [CHN]

• Great piece on Chopper Harrison, a Raleigh DJ who gave the Carolina Hurricanes much respect and is now a superfan battling cancer. [News & Observer]

• The Tampa Bay Lightning have a new official hot dog. Dan Ellis(notes) doesn't approve of them in the shootout. [Hockey Wilderness]

• Finally, NHL Live somehow beat out Puck Daddy Radio for the Wayne Gretzky interview, and here it is:

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