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• Paul McCartney opened the new Consol Energy Center on Thursday night, and added a Pittsburgh Penguins sticker to his guitar to perform "Yesterday" to go along with the Detroit Red Wings one that's been there for years. [@pghpenguins]

• The St. Louis Blues will unveil a statue of Brett Hull at their season opener. If there's any justice, it'll be Hull looking for a pass from Adam Oates. By the way, this is the third statue the Blues will have outside of their arena, joining Al MacInnis and Bernie Federko. The statue-to-Stanley-Cup ratio for this franchise is a little out of whack. [Post Dispatch]

• Jim Kelley has a good review of the proposed rules changes at this week's NHL Research and Development Camp, including a few that have "a snowball's chance in Phoenix." Among them? Faceoffs by whistle rather than a puck drop: "While this would save some linesmen's fingers from time to time, the idea of lining up for a face-off and going at it when someone blows a whistle is just too foreign to the NHL game." [Sportsnet]

• Stats-based look at the idea to call icing on teams killing penalties. [Behind The Net]

• Down Goes Brown on hybrid icing: "Experts agree that it will cost twice as much and cause your insufferable granola-snorting neighbour to strut around like he's better than you. [National Post]

• We've had our fun with the Fisherwood newlyweds, but it's depressing if this National Enquirer report of marital strife over where Mike Fisher(notes) and Carrie Underwood are going to live is accurate. Nashville or Ottawa? How bad? "The conversation turned into a screaming match, and ended with Carrie in tears after locking herself in the bathroom." [Enquirer]

• Making the case that Antti Niemi(notes) should be signed by the New York Islanders: "They can afford to take a risk on Niemi. They can't afford to take a risk on the Roloson/DiPietro tandem." [Puck Update]

• The Puck Stops Here presents its Top 50 players in the NHL. Mike Cammalleri and Daniel Alfredsson(notes) are not among them. Discuss. [TPSH]

• If you're looking for an in-depth bit of speculation on the next CBA, On Goal Analysis has part one of its report up. [OGA]

• Our buddies at the Toronto Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets were at worst plagiarized by, and at best cheated out of, proper attribution Friday by the Toronto Sun, which published a story featuring lengthy quotes from Tomas Kaberle's(notes) father that PPP had translated in its blog. We expect there will be some kind of editor's note added from the Sun; until then, the comments section is lively. [PPP]

UPDATE: The Toronto Sun responds. If you ever wanted to read a newspaper editor dance around the fact that his reporter swiped a story from a blog, here you go. The notion that the Sun could (a) discover the article through PPP and (b) took whole passages from the PPP post verbatim, yet not credit the blog, is a joke. 

• Scotty Hockey offers his New York Rangers Mount Puckmore. The NYR Puckmore will be published next week, and it's an interesting one for sure. [Scotty Hockey]

• The New Jersey Devils' minor league affiliates will play a couple of games in Atlantic City next season. Score a hat trick, and coins start pouring out of the goal. [Fire & Ice]

• Speaking of gambling, the annual Vincent Lecavalier(notes) celebrity poker tournament is coming up. Remember the golden rule: Never sit at the same poker table with a dude that has an $85 million contract. [Lightning Strikes]

• Mike Chen reviews the demo of NHL 11 from EA Sports, including one interesting new feature: "The new Ultimate Hockey League mode is a virtual trading card game. I'm not sure why this was developed, though I'm sure a certain segment of players will enjoy it. I'm not one of them." [From The Rink]

• From Puck Buddy Danny K., some Alex Ovechkin(notes) and Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) Russian training whimsy.

• The Vancouver Canucks signed forward Bill Sweatt. [CBC Sports]

• Lowetide: "Linus Omark could win the Calder. Seriously." [Lowetide]

• Peter Adler of Cult of Hockey writes: "The Washington Capitals are in talks with two teams, the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks, about moving forward Tomas Fleischmann(notes), 26, who is coming off a career year, an NHL source says. If Edmonton were the place, Sheldon Souray(notes) would be heading to Washington. If it's Vancouver, Kevin Bieksa(notes) would move from the Canucks to Washington." [Cult of Hockey]

Philadelphia Flyers Coach Peter Laviolette on the journey for his team last season: "The amount of times that things were on the line and the fans seemed to get behind that, really get behind that. You could feel it. At least I could. You go through situations and you learn a lot about your team, and I think what we learned is that we're OK with that." [Philly.com]

• Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks may not be healthy enough for the team's season opener, which could lead to "longshots like Sergei Shirokov(notes) or Jeff Tambellini(notes)" getting a look with Ryan Kesler(notes) and Mason Raymond(notes). [Puckworld]

• Oh, Bleacher Report. Least you could have done is not edit out the photo credit. [BR]

• BLOGS! Ryan Corazza on attempting to break the spell of Twitter. [Corazza]

• One overtime solution: "Two points for a win, whether in regulation or OT; No points for a loss, whether in regulation or OT; No points for a tie at the end of OT, for either team." [JFTC]

• "Voox" from the Red Wings blog Abel To Yzerman snagged an interview with Gary Bettman at R&D camp (.mp3), and managed to hang in there while Gary called him naïve and uninformed, which is what Gary does. Disappointed that Bettman doesn't read A2Y, and that Voox didn't refer to Bettman by one of his many monikers on the blog, like "bitch." But Voox hung tough. [A2Y]

• Finally, here's Antonio Vestrucci speaking with former Nashville Predators winger Alex Radulov, now of Salavat Yulaev Ufa of the Kontinental Hockey League. The odd part? It was in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.

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