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• The Tampa Bay Lightning announced they are placing ads on 300 local taxi cabs to pimp the upcoming season. (Hey, better than U-Hauls, right?) While the banner advertisement is nice ... dude, check out those rims. Those buggers better be spinnin', yo. Raw Charge makes a great point: "Together We Will" is an infinitely more effective campaign than "Seen Stamkos?" In the sense that "we" will actually show up during the first half of the season. [Raw Charge]  

Phoenix Coyotes auction showdown ongoing. On Twitter, check out Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star, The Yotes Diva, Larry Halliday, Brahm Resnik, CBC's Jeff Marek and Canadian Press's Chris Johnston for really solid coverage. NHL might be in some trouble here.

• Group play in the annual The Hockey News Jersey Tournament begins. We are shocked and saddened that Puck Buddy Peter L.'s Cleveland Steamers sweater didn't make the cut. [THN]

• Mike Kiley demolishes Patrick Kane(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks for what he sees as 20-Cent playing the victim card during his NHL media tour in New York. "Either the Blackhawks hit him hard now with some tough love about how to act and talk or Kane will go on being a 20-year-old baby who is just so misunderstood." [Blackhawk Confidential]

• Malkin To the Kings believes were on our way to a Dany Heatley(notes) trade, with the San Jose Sharks and New York Rangers in play. Garrioch even goes into specifics: "Heatley to San Jose, centre Jarrett Stoll and winger Alexander Frolov(notes) to Ottawa and centre Patrick Marleau(notes) to the Kings." (Do we need to change the name to Marleau To The Kings?) Again, for the Rangers: Why spend the money on Gaborik and Heatley, unless Glen Sather has decided that centermen are inconsequential to success on the ice. [Sun Media]

• Sarah Palin's "hockey mom/pitbull/lipstick" line will co-exist with Shakespeare and Thomas Jefferson in the new Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. [First Post]

• David Staples explains why Mike Comrie's(notes) potential return to the Edmonton Oilers is a fantastic human interest story; from human redemption to, ahem, human anatomy. [Cult of Hockey]

• Kent called his interesting post about size and the NHL, "The ever growing myth of "Big Body Presence." We'd have opted for the alternate title: "Evgeny Artyukhin is a dumb as a worn-out boot." [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

• A crap-ton of coverage on the NHLPA/Paul Kelly situation today. Adam Proteau of The Hockey News offers a defense of the union: "At a time when they could have displayed class and benevolence in their labor victory, Bettman and the owners forsook the olive branch for the riding crop and have been nothing but sore winners as they retroactively attempt to plug all the CBA holes GMs and agents have created in the pursuit of a Stanley Cup." [THN]

• Damien Cox, meanwhile, sifts through the propaganda war (his words) that has some accusing a small group within the NHLPA of staging a coup. [Toronto Star]

• Interim NHLPA director Ian Penny tells Scott Burnside that the Paul Kelly firing will likely fire up the membership: "I think we will see probably more involvement as a result of the guys seeing just how weighty some of these decisions are and having an interest in being involved." [ESPN]

Semyon Varlamov's(notes) new mask for the Washington Capitals features the Russian flag on one side and Mount Rushmore on the other. Featuring U.S. presidents ... not, like, Fedorov, Fetisov, Larionov and Tretiak. [Capitals Insider]

• Mirtle looks at the Colorado Rockies' move to New Jersey in 1982, attempt to glean what a fair relocation fee should be for the Phoenix Coyotes. Key passage: "The NHL resisted allowing the team to go to New Jersey for four years, when finally John McMullen was able to gain approval to move the troubled franchise." Approval? From the League? Shouldn't he just have conspired to bankrupt the Rockies, sued his way into the owner's box and then sued the team into a market where there were already NHL franchises? Wouldn't that have been a valorous act ... or does that valor only apply to Canadian owners and destinations appointed by the courts? [From The Rink]

• Honestly, there's no better way to get fans and the media excited about USA Hockey than a contest requesting photographs of "hockey crazy pets." Even if that photo likely originated on LOL Catz. [USA Hockey]

• Really interesting story for the Florida Panthers, as the potential ownership group for the team had its bid derailed because there isn't a primary money man (or woman) at the helm of the bid. Now, instead of a sale, they're looking at "adding a partner who could relieve some of the financial burden" on current owner Alan Cohen. "Paging Mr. Barrie ... will Mr. Len Barrie please pick up the white courtesy phone ..." [Miami Herald]

• Some teams like to load up on former Red Wings or Habs. The Lightning have a thing for Florida Panthers. [Litter Box Cats]

• Adam Oates may join the Tampa Bay Lightning as a power-play consultant, Ray Liotta lookalike. [Bolts Report]

• The Montreal Canadiens' sale to the Molson family is about done. We raise a Labatt's in their honor. [NHL]

• Jean Beliveau, sorta-astronaut. [CP]

• First Derivative was a lengthy, in-depth take on race and NHL marketing. Lots going on here. [Phoenix Pub]

• While in D.C. today, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be attending a hockey clinic as part of the Sept. 11 Day of Service and Remembrance. [Confluence]

• FYI: Puck Daddy's Dmitry Chesnokov will be at the White House tonight for the Penguins and the President. Coverage of the event on Friday. [OFB]

• Finally, more hijinks with Alyonka Larionov of PensTV and here cooking buddy Evgeni Malkin(notes). Malkin English-mangling alert!

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