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The Red Skate provides some fantastic coverage of Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin's fashion release party, including the news that teammate Alexander Semin "enjoys distinctive footwear - notably some bright red shoes and light grey, suede cowboy boots." Since we published our story on Ovie's clothes line this morning, about a dozen readers have bugged us with questions about Ovechkin's rather inspired choice of model to fashion his streetwear. We're not sure who she is, other than she's got a Mini-Jolie thing going on that agrees with us in a big way. Tough life, huh Alex?

• Speaking of Ovechkin: Beelzebub called and would like his prom tux back. [Yahoo!]

Trevor Linden sucked all the air out of the room, so Mattias Norstrom's retirement was a little underplayed. That said, the former Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars defenseman was an underrated, solid NHL player who won over some haters during his career. [Penalty Killing]

• There's a lot of optimism among Edmonton Oilers fans about next season. But the glass is half-empty for David Staples. [Cult of Hockey]

• Tommy Lasorda destroys Wayne Gretzky in the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition's inaugural Wine World of Sports. The Lasorda Pinot Grigio finished No. 1, while the No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Estate Winery Icewine Vidal finished 10th. Gretzky even finished behind John Daly wines, which evidently aren't made in a motel bathtub after all. [Earth Times]

• A strange, complicated story about someone trying to sell fake Steve Yzerman autographs to sports memorabilia collectors. [Toronto Star]

• The St. Louis Blues' "Hockeyfest" was to feature a celebrity game of hockey-playing Hollywood stars. Small problem: It appears most of the stars originally announced - D.B. Sweeney, Michael Vartan, Dave Coulier -- have ducked out, leaving Alan Thicke as the more prominent name and seriously jeopardizing the use of the term "celebrity" in promoting the event. What, exactly, does Uncle Joey have to do that trumps skating in an exhibition hockey game? [St. Louis Game Time]

• Raskolnikov tells a rather amusing story that identifies the origins of his hate for Ryan Suter of the Nashville Predators. [MYFO]

• As Ottawa Senators fans debate what they want in a new coach, a vote of confidence in the candidacy of Peter DeBoer. [Sportsnet]

Anze Kopitar on what went wrong with the Los Angeles Kings, trying to play more like Evgeni Malkin, and his trip to Egypt. [Inside the Kings]

• Finally, thanks to We Bleed Teal for some love in their 2008 Bloggie Awards. Puck Daddy was awarded with one of their "Simply the Best" honors, which was just dandy. Quite frankly, we would have been rather upset if we had won "Classiest Blog." We've got a reputation to uphold.

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