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The premiere episode of HBO Sports' "24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road To The NHL Winter Classic" is Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and Tuesday's promise of vulgarity has us completely pumped up for it.

So in honor of this momentous occasion, and the entire four-episode miniseries, we've tailored one of our hockey drinking games to the "24/7" series so you can play along at home. At the very least, you'll be nice and lubricated so you won't have the urge to throw a brick through the TV after 58 minutes of SidneyOvie-kill.

Drinking games aren't any fun without interaction, so please contribute your own additions in the comments; as well as your beverage of choice for Wednesday night's program.

For entertainment purposes only, here is Puck Daddy's Unofficial HBO 24/7 Penguins-Capitals Drinking Game, in the classic 1-2-3 drink format.

And here ... we ... go.

• Someone drops an F-Bomb in English.

• There's a mention of Heinz Field.

• There's any mention of Alex Ovechkin(notes) or Sidney Crosby(notes) by name or nickname -- by anyone other than the narrarator. (We don't want you hurting yourselves here.)

• You hear the word "rivalry." 

Bruce Boudreau yells to the point where his face is flush.

Max Talbot(notes) eye-[expletives] his interviewer.

• You find yourself thinking, "Damn, that Brooks Laich(notes) is handsome."

• Every time Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) is called "Flower."

• There is an artistic slow-motion shot of a pedestrian hockey play that makes it a billion times cooler than it is (i.e. a goalie making a routine save; a faceoff).

Geno Malkin makes an English grammatical error in an interview response. (Bonus Drink: If you can understand at least 90 percent of what he said in that interview.)

• You see a fan-made sign.

• Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is on-screen.

Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero is on-screen.

• You see the Stanley Cup. 

• Someone drops an F-Bomb in Russian.

• There is any type of punch thrown. (Bonus Drink: If it's thrown in practice or by a player against a locker-room wall.)

• There is a reference to the teams' 2009 Eastern Conference playoff series.

Ovechkin is referred to as "brash," "flashy," or "a rock star."

Crosby is referred to as "a leader," "focused/determined" or "a warrior."

Mike Green(notes) is seen wearing sunglasses. (Bonus Drink: He's actually outdoors.)

• They show a clip from any commercial in which a Penguins or Capitals player/coach appeared.

• You see a player's mother and/or father.

• A player openly cries during an interview. (Bonus Drink: If they're crying about escrow.)

Mario is on-screen. 

• You see the Olympic gold medal from 2010.


• Someone drops an F-Bomb in Swedish.

Hilary Duff is seen and/or mentioned.

• They show the highlight from February 2009 in which Ovechkin and Crosby get physical near the benches. (Clip Here) This will likely happen because it was the rare time they made contact and, ever rarer, were actually matched up against each other on the same shift.

• The HBO crew IDs a player incorrectly; either through mislabeling, misspelling or getting a jersey number wrong. 

• Someone bitches about "having all these cameras around here" as a distraction. (Bonus Drink: This person isn't a member of the Washington Capitals.)

Alex Semin's bongos fight is referenced.

• A Pittsburgh Steeler and/or Washington Redskin makes an appearance.

• You see Crosby's 2009-10 Mark Messier Leadership Award.

• You see Craig Adams(notes) on-screen for more than three straight seconds.

• You see Ovechkin's car and/or Ovechkin speeding in it.

Jaromir Jagr(notes) is referenced. (25 Bonus Drinks: Kris Beech(notes) is mentioned.)

(Ed. Note: Puck Daddy, of course, in no way endorses abuse of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by anyone under the legal drinking age in their region and, without a doubt, the operation of an automobile or any machine while under the influence of alcohol. These games are listed for entertainment purposes and we don't take responsibility for any result of their application. To sum it up, don't be a knucklehead and have fun!)

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