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Puck Daddy’s NHL 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions picksWe've predicted the Eastern Conference standings. We've predicted the Western Conference standings.

Now it's time for your pals at Puck Daddy to reveal our Stanley Cup Finalists and Champion for the 2011-12 NHL season.

For all the predictions and a look at all 30 NHL teams this year, check out our preseason preview coverage. And now ... your champs-in-waiting.

Greg Wyshynski, Editor

San Jose over Pittsburgh. GM Doug Wilson has stones. He cut ties with a franchise goalie last year. He signed Devin Setoguchi(notes) and then traded him. He won the Dany Heatley(notes) derby (such as it was) in 2009 and then flipped him for Martin Havlat(notes) when the Sharks came up short during his seasons in San Jose. Wilson made the gutsy changes to the core of his team that other GMs whose teams have flopped in the postseason — say, like in Washington — haven't.

Question is, will it work? Answer is: Yes.

The San Jose Sharks, annual symbols of squandered potential, will not only make the Cup Final but win the prize. The Penguins, with Sidney Crosby(notes), will be a formidable challenge. But in the end, the world will see something it probably thought it'd never see: Joe Thornton(notes) collecting the Stanley Cup while wearing teal.

Sean Leahy, Associate Editor

San Jose over Boston in 7. After shedding the "choker" label last season, the only label affixed to the Sharks come next June will be "champion." And once the Sharks take it all, Patrick Marleau(notes) will finally respond to Jeremy Roenick(notes) by calling him "Cup-less."

Harrison Mooney, Associate Editor

Canucks over Penguins. It seems insane to bet against Sidney Crosby, and it's a bit of a homer pick, but I genuinely think the Canucks win the Stanley Cup this season. With the core of the team retained, some added depth, the Sedins and Ryan Kesler(notes) in their primes, and the team fully aware of what not to do this time around, I think they finally get it right. Sure, Roberto Luongo(notes) will still be questioned and criticized right to the bitter end, the Canucks will again be called divers and floppers, and there will probably still be a riot, but this year, it will seem all seem a little more worth it.

Dmitry Chesnokov, Senior Writer

Vancouver over Philadelphia. The first two teams who came to mind, to be honest. Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup. Also, San Jose will be my most disappointing team this season.

Ryan Lambert, Columnist

Sharks over Caps in the Final. Picking chalk, I know, but they're the best two teams for a reason. Both did a lot of good work to improve excellent teams in the summer.

Dobber, Fantasy Hockey Writer

Pittsburgh beats Vancouver, but Game 7 is played in Edmonton because the Vancouver mayor refused to host it unless the NHL took full responsibility. The Penguins are unstoppable with a healthy Evgeni Malkin(notes) and Sidney Crosby just entering their prime. Of course, if one is injured, then this entire premise and ensuing spiel is unequivocally wrong.

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