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Puck Buddy Brian G. brought it strong with this Lou Lamoriello cover, aka the man who puts the "Devil" in New Jersey Devils. Although it appears after two games this season the powers of good and light are beating back Satan's favorite NHL team. Beelzebub, not Miro. 

And thus begins Gallery 2 of our Sports Illustrated "Create-a-Cover" contest.

To briefly reset the contest: In celebration of the release of Sports Illustrated's "The Hockey Book," we asked you to honor famous and infamous hockey moments, personalities and stories that haven't been captured on SI covers through the years. And we thank everyone who contributed; the contest is now closed, and we'll announce the winners next week.

Coming up, Gallery  2 of our latest reader art contest. You can see Gallery 1 here.

And here ... we ... go.

Sean Avery(notes) makes his triumphant return to Vogue. Nine months later, local nurseries report that several babies are seriously annoying other newborns by calling them Fatso and waving a stick in front of their faces. (Via David C.)

Puck Buddy Cal P. is a bit cynical and clearly has no respect for the magical skills of the USS Hal Gill(notes).

OK, this one is going to take a second. Look at the cover. Now think back to the Anaheim Ducks or St. Louis Blues goaltending history. As in Guy Hebert ... Guy "A-Bear?" Oh Matt K., you're a punny man.

Bangin Panger digs into the archives and finds this cover featuring Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Mike Commodore(notes) celebrating his World Series of Poker victory ... moments before he was ejected from the casino.

Hockeysteve54 presents a parody of the legendary "Why the NHL's Hot and the NBA's Not" cover. Well, legendary to any hockey fan that treats that cover like our own version of the Roswell Crash: Physical evidence of something that may not have actually existed.

Brett S. called this Detroit Red Wings parody cover "quick and dirty." Right on both counts.

As Joanna T. shows us here, times are tough for NHL players. Great: Lose the captaincy and then get burdened with lawn upkeep; can Roberto Luongo(notes) ever just focus on hockey?

Brian G. again, with this admittedly over-the-top Sidney Crosby(notes) cover. (The tagline at the top might have made a more compelling subject.)

Puck Buddy Matt. B found this obscure back issue of Sports Illustrated, which was shipped over to an impoverished nation along with all of that 2010 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup champions gear. Well-played.

From Matt in St. Louis ... well, explain yourself Matt: "Well, this was fun.  Inspiration was the 2009 Swimsuit issue with a nod to the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders ‘Where are they now' issue. Photo credit goes to the best hockey site on the web: St. Louis Game Time."

Puck Buddy Trevor E. with an Alex Ovechkin(notes) layup here.

And finally ...

Puck Buddy "zyllyx" offers the All-Canada swimsuit edition. We see beaver.

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