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There are many levels of parody and satire among the entries in our "Create-a-Sports-Illustrated-Cover" contest, which opened last week and closes this Friday at noon (ET).

This one, from Puck Buddy Mike H., is like the "Inception" of reader art contest entries: Start with a parody of the NHL; go down a level to a parody of puckhead NHL memes; go down another level to a parody of SI, and then another to a satire about the state of sports journalism as it's consumed by bubblegum pop culture. But, mostly, it's just damn funny -- Justin and Kevin!

Coming up, Gallery One of our latest reader art contest. You've outdone yourselves.

To briefly reset the contest: In celebration of the release of Sports Illustrated's "The Hockey Book," we asked you to honor famous and infamous hockey moments, personalities and stories that haven't been captured on SI covers through the years. And we thank the 100 or so readers that already have contributed.

And here ... we ... go.

We Tweeted this one out last week as a taste of what was to come. On second thought, maybe "taste" shouldn't have a home anywhere near this Lanny McDonald nightmare fuel from Puck Buddy 'rodbuskas'.

You know, spend enough time knock'em back on the Red Mile after the game, and Lanny's probably at least a '7'...

Allow us to clear your mind of that Lanny image with this quaint throwback to a bygone era from Matt K. They're best known for their Billboard-ranked classic "You Lift My Spirits (Like a High-Stick To the Orbital Bone)." For the record, we'd love to actually read that mullet story.

Like the first cover we featured, many of the entries have much more than the central joke going on: Like all the little features around this Richard Zednik(notes) cover ... and the fact that Puck Buddy 'JoeAhchay' made the cover date one day before the former Florida Panthers winger's infamous meeting with a skate blade, for an SI cover jinx. Well-played.

Puck Daddy veteran Hockeysteve54 also went down the impending doom road with this Eric Lindros cover that's bang-on as far as what SI might have actually published during the 1990s.

Every contest, we receive at least one entry honoring the legend of Taro Tsujimoto, the fictitious player from the Tokyo Katanas that the Buffalo Sabres drafted in 1974. This Jason Ellis creation is one of the best-looking we've received.

From Puck Buddy Kyle, that's just cruel to the Phoenix Coyotes fans ...

... though it's downright kind when compared to what Puck Buddy Mazarin did to the Toronto Maple Leafs, your 2005 Stanley Cup Champions. The drought is over!

More movie poster than SI cover, we still have to give Puck Buddy 'LW3H' props for the "Six and the CT" headline in honor of Wade Redden's(notes) demotion to Hartford, as well as to the copious amounts of pink, this being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all.

Sports Illustrated is, of course, not exactly known as the quintessence of consistent, in-depth hockey coverage. Who can blame them, when there's just so much LeBron James news breaking every minute of every hour of every day of every week? (From Puck Buddy Dan R.)

Our old pal The KBBL Party Penguin presents the all-Sidney Crosby(notes) vs. Alex Ovechkin(notes) traditional media nightmare many of us have been living in for the last four years. Snark-a-licious. Speaking of which ...

Again, we're done with the Dan Ellis thing. But his legacy lives on in parodies of his much-maligned Twitter feed like this one from Andrew B. A noble effort ... though, alas, still not as hilarious as FakeDanEllis.


Puck Buddy Christine's Henrik Lundqvist(notes) cover story made us smile ...

... as did Kelly R.'s Patrick Kane(notes) Inauguration cover. First executive order signed by President Kane? You guessed it: Repealing all open container laws.

We feel as though this tribute to Paul Bissonette and his many Twitter obsessions is going to have a ton of support to make the Top 3. It's well-made, outrageous, funny and clever. How clever? Take a closer look at the price for the issue:

From the man who turned lap dances into currency.

Finally ...

Contest veteran Walter Sobchak checks in with this tribute to commissioner Gary Bettman ... with a delicious shot at SI columnist Rick Reilly thrown in for good measure.

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