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On the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, our national drinking holiday, Puck Daddy presents its overambitious yet somewhat informative contribution to hockey suds culture: The 2010 Beer Cost Matrix.

Since the start of the season, we've been commissioning fans in every NHL city to seek out label and price information for the beer in their arenas. This is because (a) we wanted something more in-depth than the information in Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index and (b) some NHL teams actually refused to provide concession price information when it was requested.

(And by "some NHL teams," we mean the Montreal Canadiens, who told us they don't "give out" information that's posted on signs inside their arena for 20,000 fans to see 41 times a year.)

The readers were told to report back with the beer types, sizes and prices for the largest brews available at their games. As you'll see, some provided a bit more than that and some provided a tad less.

Because of that, and because this is all single-sourced information, we're considering this Beer Matrix Version 1.0, and encourage the Puck Daddy readership to submit additional information from home games as well as narc on any inaccuracies in the current document.

Hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com with updates and suggestions, and we'll publish Version 2.0 later in the year.

Now, after months of information gathering and procrastination, behold the NHL Beer Cost Matrix. What kind of drinkin' arena is your hockey barn?

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this work-in-progress. Again: Think of this as a rough draft based only on the information that was sent in to us.  We'll work together to fill in the blanks and make it the Bible of Hockey Beer.

Also, keep in mind that in some cases we might have Bud or Bud Light listed solo; obviously, where there's one, there's the other.

UPDATE: Thanks to Puck Buddy Mikey for pointing out we left out the Oil in the first draft of this. Fixed now.

Also, in case you haven't picked up on this, we're publishing the Matrix because it's Beer Day but also because we want our total readership to help build this thing, because the person-by-person technique yielded scattershot results. Some of the emails we're gotten are a little terse; know that we we're publishing this "rough draft" in order to scare up better info. And also for a look at the good info that's come in so far. Thanks.

We'd prefer the comments section focus on the information here, and for corrections/additional info be sent to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

Quick Analysis: Get your drinking done before the game or, if the reporting is accurate, move to Colorado. Wow.

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