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Sports Illustrated has just released its first ever hockey book called, well, "The Hockey Book." It's a 256-page coffee table book that features writing from SI's Michael Farber and a recollection by William Faulkner (!) about watching his first hockey game at MSG in 1955.

It's also absolutely flippin' gorgeous, with those all of those classic SI sports photographs that cause widespread eye-gasms. Plus there are features and lists and even a gallery of hockey movie posters.

So SI reached out and asked if we wanted to give you, the valued reader, a few of copies of this new tome. Which made us realize that, yes, in fact it had been quite a while since we had a Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest. Which brings us to this post:

Announcing Puck Daddy's Sports Illustrated Create-a-Cover.

The concept is simple: That while Sports Illustrated's hockey coverage can be epic or Allan Muir, the Game's presence on the iconic cover of the magazine is infrequent at best. Meaning there are plenty of famous and infamous hockey moments, personalities and stories that haven't been captured on SI covers ... ones we'd like you to capture now. Let Gary and Messier, in this 2-minute Photoshop job, be your muse:

We're looking for innovation, humor, snark and inspiration; and while solid Photoshop skills are great, we're always going to judge the spirit of the thing over its professionalism.

A few guidelines. First, it has to look like a SI magazine cover. You can download the SI banner here. (Grab cut-out banner here; thanks to Anthony G.) To make things really interesting, how's about exploiting the existing SI Covers Archive, filled with over 2,800 issues? Ali and Ovie?

Rule No. 2: PG-13 please. But you knew this.

Email your entries to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 8 at noon ET. Prizes? Prizes you say? How about:

First Place: Sports Illustrated's "The Hockey Book" and a copy of the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup champions DVD, via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Second Place: Sports Illustrated's "The Hockey Book."

Third Place: Yahoo! Sports prize pack.

Best of luck, do your most devious and email us with any questions. Thanks to all for participating in our silly little contests.

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