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David Conway's Olli Jokinen(notes) Santa is enough to make a small child scream right through the New Year ...

Yes indeed, it's the third batch of entries for the Puck Daddy's NHL Holiday Greeting Card/Holiday Song contest, in which we asked you to create cards and tunes for this joyous season that are infected with snark and cynicism about hockey. Gallery 1 is here and Gallery 2 is here.

To reset the contest: Create the quintessential Holiday Hockey Greeting Card, incorporating the iconography of the season's significant occasions (Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice for the Pagans in the audience). The deadline has passed; the winners will be announced on Thursday. 

First Place: An NHL HD Flip Cam, courtesy of Flip. You pick the team. Not a bad little prize, that one.

Second Place: Hockeywear from NIKE Hockey; winner gets his or her choice of a few items. Courtesy of NIKE Hockey.

Third Place: From Warner Home Entertainment and the NHL, it's the "10 Greatest Games" DVD box sets for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals.

Fourth Place: Via 2K Sports, a copy of NHL 2K11 featuring our pal Ryan Kesler(notes) on the cover.

Coming up: An incredible collection of art. But first ... a couple of tunes.

And here ... we ... go.

Starting with a couple of holiday classics by Joshua Smith. First, it's "Little Drummer Boy (The Alexander Semin(notes) Song)":

Next, also from Mr. Smith, comes "Sean Avery (O Christmas Tree)," which we think you'll agree is pretty amazing.

Check out more from Josh here.

From Patrick Sommer:

When this greeting card comes in the mail, Team Canada is going to tell their NHLPA Rep they don't think NHLers should play in the Olympics anymore.


This one is from Cristina, a Puck Daddy Radio listener from Germany, bringing this sweet James Wisniewski(notes) moment of unsportsmanlike behavior to the contest.

We're rather fond of this effort from Dan R. of Bruins Hockey Now:

This one is from Tim Thomas(notes), who is a being a bit more vindictive than his usual "smiley" persona) to Tuukka Rask(notes).

ME-OW. Speaking of goalies:

This one from "Grounder" seems to indicate a lack of confidence in the Tampa Bay Lightning goaltending. It's also Evgeni Nabokov's(notes) favorite card.

Puck Buddy Matt Barr with a rather inspired effort: Like a PIXAR version of the classic Claymation "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" special.

Some Christmas poetry from Mazarin. Really, any chance to get Redfield T. Baum on the blog again ...

We Need a Little Avery! (Puck Daddy Contest) from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Submitted by Nicole Katz, it's "We Need a Little Avery." Which we all do. "On vocals we have Kate Moore and my audio engineer was Jay Mattia."

We'll let Anthony C. explain:

"For the attached image, I decided to take an epic scene from the classic holiday movie Elf. It is a scene in which Buddy the Elf (Wade Redden(notes)) abandoned and jobless, sleeping in a store window, sees his father (Glenn Sather) and starts banging on the glass and yelling for his Dad to take him back. Pretty cool idea to blend in with the NHL and the holidays. Enjoy!"

Wade Redden loves hugs hugs are the best.

From Puck Buddy Ross:

I feel pretty bad about ragging on a good guy like Keith Tkachuk(notes) but I couldn't resist!  Here it is, the Keith Tkachuk "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" holiday greeting card.  Alternative title, "I'll have a BLUE Christmas without food."

This was a big-time effort!

Puck Buddy Rick D. offers an Alex Ovechkin(notes)/Sidney Crosby card that's oddly compelling for its grotesque nature.

And finally, sticking with the Capitals:

David O.'s take on Bruce Boudreau and his glorious potty mouth. Epic.

UPDATE: One we forgot -- Emily H.'s "Marleau Baby"!

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