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There was a nice little article on the Bruins' Web site today about Shawn Thornton, and something he said stuck with us when the conversation turned to the Stanley Cup finals: "I haven't watched a game since we were done; I haven't watched one hockey game ... I can't watch it. I'd rather be there. It is frustrating not being there, so I don't want to watch it."

We've spoken to other players who say the same thing. But all that means is that they're actually a lot like fans: Bitter at seeing a season-long investment go bankrupt, heartbroken at seeing another city celebrate a championship. But not this postseason. Not this Stanley Cup final. As much as we've bitched about boredom and whining and media overreaction, we've been riveted to this series. So have millions of other hockey fans who have been more apathetic to the championship round in the past.

So c'mon, Detroit Red Wings. Let's go, Pittsburgh Penguins. We know you can't give us Game 5 again ... just don't give us Game 2. Live Blog fun starts at 7:45 p.m. Bring the funny, tell a friend and we'll load up on obscure references and photos of Swedish babes. 

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