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Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

No matter what hockey-themed decorations you have outside your house or what hockey-themed costume you rock at your party this weekend, nothing is going to be scarier than Zdeno Chara dressed as a 6-foot-7 pink nightmare. On that, there's  no debate.

But that doesn't mean that Halloween doesn't offer the opportunity for hockey fright and sights, as reader Kevin S. Lynch shared with us this week.

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As self-identified "Classic Mask purist," he presented these carved pumpkins in honor of Ken Dryden (bottom left), Doug Favell (top) and Cesare Maniago (bottom right), whose design is actually rather spooky in pumpkin form.

Have you a hockey-themed pumpkin? Have you worn, or will you wear, a makeshift Halloween costume? Do you have hockey imagery in your Halloween front lawn displays? Email pics to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. We'll give away some trinkets to some of the better ones.

Meanwhile, here are a dozen more hockey pumpkins to scare the stuffing out of you (or make you feel slightly better about your knife skills and artistic ability).

And here … we … go.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Mike in Falls Church (left) and Cecilia Ventura both carved up Washington Capitals "Weagle" pumpkins, featuring the team's alternate logo. And what better team to be represented on something that begins firm and substantial before ending up flat and rancid?

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Via reader Kate:

I was trying to make a scary pumpkin and decided the Calgary Hitmen logo would work pretty well! Sorry for the crappy picture from my phone.

No need to apologize. Unless you didn't take this theme all the way and create a Bret Hart pumpkin next to it.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

It's a two-fer from reader Leigh Guggemo featuring the Calgary Flames and San Joe Sharks:

This is from 2005, which explains the old Sharks' logo. My friend Ilsa and I made these after driving up from college to catch a Sharks - Flames game on my birthday just before Halloween. It was my second game live and her first, and it ended with a San Jose victory in the shootout after they tied the game with 30 seconds left. Taking a college road trip to watch your favorite team win, all with a beautiful friend who's super into hockey; can you blame a guy if that's still my best birthday to date?

P.S. A little history, if you interested: I just had to look up who was in goal for the Sharks that night, because it wasn't Nabokov or Toskala. It was Nolan Schaefer(notes), younger brother of Peter Schaefer(notes), who played 7 career NHL games and was the first Sharks goalie to earn a win in a shootout. 5-1 record, 1.87 GAA, .920 SV%, and 1 SO, how are those for career NHL stats? I remember him coming out to the top of the circle to try to beat Iginla to a loose puck drifting down the ice, and they got there at the same time. It ended with Schaefer on his back and the puck in the net.

Logo pumpkins and a Nolan Schaefer sighting?! Bliss.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Here's a Boston Bruins pumpkin from Matthew Bourque (no relation) that in no way reminds us of Claude Julien's head.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Reader Byron Bader with a pretty cool looking Calgary Flames design that's probably 10-times more intricate than you think it is.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Nice Buffalo Sabres pumpkin from Matthew Dziomba, who writes:

"Can I get a shout-out for @TepposHeadset if this makes the cut? Thanks. And Brett Hull is a dick."

Giving us a pumpkin, calling out a Hall of Famer who trolls Sabres fans … how can we resist?

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Reader John Kirkpatrick picked and prepared a Pittsburgh Penguins pumpkin. SAY IT FIVE TIMES FAST.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Reader Chris Pena honors "by far the greatest Los Angeles Kings jersey EVER," the legendary Burger King sweater.

The ghostly visage of the King, in pumpkin form. Love it.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Michael Forbes from Bitter Leaf Fan offers these pumpkins he and his 5-year-old son carved for Halloween: Hockey Canada on the left and Darth Vader's TIE Fighter on the right. Both are awesome.

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

From Chris Kardaras (aka @SENSaholic): "Got my Sens pumpkin out early! Only thing scarier, is their first period goal differential."

Puck Daddy Hockey Halloween: Pumpkins of puck

Finally, via Mike Lappan from the AHL Charlotte Checkers, this was the pumpkin a sales rep named Elle carved this month.

Bonus! Michal Jordan(notes), never having participated in Halloween activities in his native Czech Republic, takes a lesson from goaltender Mike Murphy(notes).

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