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Last week, we asked you to visit the Puck Daddy Facebook page and post your best Fantasy Hockey Team Names, adhering to the Y! Sports Fantasy Hockey 20 character limit rule. If you're on Facebook, you can view the entries here and here.

Thanks again to all who entered. We've boiled down the over 400 submissions to the 10 that we felt were the cleverest or most chuckle-worthy. The top three win prizes, but we consider them all winners. In the sense that you can't lose something you never had. Enjoy!

10. Teemu's Salami (Matt Doner)

Matches surprisingly well with Kariyan food.

9. Boats and Hossa (Kyle Dorau)

Much like with our admittedly divisive pro wrestling theme for the previews, you're either in or you're out when it comes to the movie "Step Brothers." The Puck Daddy editorial staff? We're doing karate in the garage and planning for the Catalina Wine Mixer. This entry is sponsored by Prestige Worldwide (although the proper phrasing for the team name is "Boats 'N Hossa").

8. Laraque The Casbah (James Marushin)

There's no justice in the world if Georges Laraque(notes) doesn't skate to this on "Battle of the Blades 2."

7. Laich it Orlov it (Amanda Hill)

Brilliant combination of the much-parodied name of Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich(notes) and Capitals prospect Dmitri Orlov.

6. The Antti-Christ (Al Bagwell)

Finally, we've figured out the power behind the Blackhawks' first Cup in 49 years.

5. 2Chicks1Kopitar (Zachary Finley)

Presented without comment.

4. Pimpin' Ain't Parise (Max Zubrick)

So hard to leave this one out of the Top 3, but as hip-hop references go we had to defer to another. 

Here are the Top 3 submissions, all of whom will receive copies of the "Higgins Hockey Fantasy Index: 2010-2011" by Rob Higgins, courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada.

3. StraightOuttaConklin (Trevor Garner)

After much debate, we tip our Raiders hats to this N.W.A./St. Louis Blues backup goalie reference.

2. HasekuSmehlikZhitnik (Josh Lile)

Dominik Hasek(notes), Richard Smehlik and Alexei Zhitnik(notes) are honored in a name combination that had to appear on a men's room wall at the Aud.

1. Me So Vyborny (Ian McIntosh)

And here's your big winner. Not only because the pun (pronounced 'vuh BOHR nee') is brilliant, but because Ian submitted a dozen good names including "Schroeders of the Lost Ark" and "Pardy in the USA" and "Yandle in the Wind" and "BubbaGump Schremp."

Thanks to all who participated. We need to do another Photoshop contest soon...

Shirt via Dobber Hockey.

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