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As you can see, Detroit Red Wings fans have responded defiantly to the NHL's attempts at ending the glorious tradition of octopus twirling at home games with financial penalties. These cephalopod-loving freaks have created their own You Tube protest videos and, if that wasn't enough to spark the octo-revolution, they've also started that sure-fire way to affect political change: The online petition. That sound you just heard was Gary Bettman quaking in his penny loafers at the eight legs of fury headed his way, courtesy of Hockeytown and the Interwebs.

Red Wings building manager Al Sobotka, who was informed he would face a $10,000 fine if he spun an octopus over his head at a hockey game (did I really just type that?), talked to WXYZ about the situation, via George James Malik at Snapshots:

"It's disappointing. You know, we don't do anything to harm anyone, or anything like that, it's just for fan excitement; fans love it, and I love it, so they shot it down, so, that's it. We don't want to let them mess with Hockeytown; we'll try to see what we can do."

Evidently, what Red Wings fans can try to do is put together videos like the one below, which battle NHL policy with what appears to be a combination of a political attack ad and an acid flashback to an old "Benny Hill" episode:

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