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In today's Puck Headlines, we linked over to follow-up articles regarding The Vancouver Laser Assault, in which a fan attending the Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks game at GM Place aimed and fired a green beam from a laser pointer at the mask of Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff(notes) on Saturday night.

Calgary Coach Brent Sutter was outraged that the culprit wasn't apprehended and that the beaming went on for a full 60 minutes of hockey.

Well, the Nashville Predators are in Vancouver for a game this evening, and Coach Barry Trotz is making a proactive threat in case it happens again. From the Globe & Mail:

"If they do it [again], fans will have to wait because I'll pull my team off [the ice]," Predators head coach Barry Trotz said when asked if he was concerned about a repeat or copycat incident. "Everybody thinks they'll get their 15 minutes of fame. It's brutal."

A Canucks spokesman said that staff are reviewing two sets of videotapes, and are attempting to "mirror" the arena surveillance footage with that gathered by game broadcaster CBC.

"It is a bit of a safety hazard any time you're messing with a guy's eyes," said Predators goaltender Dan Ellis(notes), who will start against Vancouver. "I understand it's something you want to do to get the other team off, but let's not forget that if you take away a man's sight, or mess up his vision, it's messing up a lot more than just his hockey career."

This is true, and while we're having some fun with this situation via a "Real Genius" screen grab, it's also a serious one. J.J. from Canucks Hockey Blog wrote that the use of laser pointers is specifically banned by the GM Place Code of Conduct and that the perpetrator could be arrested. Also, it being Vancouver, they may get stabbed in the neck with a bottle after the game. Although the Avs aren't in town, so they may be free and clear.

Again, it's on the fans to grab an usher or security guard, point at the pointer and then lead the section in a chant of "Hey, Hey Goodbye" as he or she is perp-walked out before the game is needlessly delayed. It's a fan's responsibility in this situation to take care of the knuckleheads; and since this story has grown in infamy, we might see a copycat or three at GM Place, so diligence is a necessity. Just don't get all Niedermayer's stick on some guy.

But action must be taken. Especially if our suspicions are true, and this incident is in fact the first step in Dr. Evil's "Alan Parsons Project."

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