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Our relationship with the AHL's Iowa Chops, the Anaheim Ducks' affiliate, has spanned from adversarial to completely bemused. But today, the franchise that gave the world ice girls called the Baby Backs needs our help.

See, the Iowa Chops have these flabby dudes called the Pork Bellies who come out between periods and get their Full Monty on. They're a bunch of Chops season ticket holders who started dancing at games as a gag, and now actually practice routines to perform during intermission. They're not the first team to have chubby guys dancing to pop hits, but they might be the first to have them storm the ice from the back of a U-Haul.

"Usually, at intermission, people go get beers and drinks," said Frank Meeink, who works in communications for the Chops. "Now, when they know that they're coming, nobody moves."

Some of their videos are available on YouTube, and the gimmick has caught the eye of producers from The Ellen DeGeneres Show; in particular, according to Meeink, the Pork Bellies' performance of the Britney Spears hit "Womanizer."

"Ellen DeGeneres's people told our people that if we can get over 6,000 hits [on YouTube], she'll have them on the show," he said.

So there's our mission, Puck Buddies: We must work together to give the following YouTube video the mandatory 6,000 views to get a group of fat hockey fans to strip on the "Ellen" show. We can think of no nobler cause for Puck Daddy to endorse.

Make it so, and tell a friend (the link to the video is here):

H/T to Puck Buddy Tom Y. who spotted this on Fark.com.

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