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We were invited this week to a taping of the "The Price Is Right" that featured Los Angeles Kings players. Alas, the Puck Daddy L.A. news bureau doesn't exist was scouring the land for breaking hockey news.

So we rely on the official photo coverage and some fans'-eye views of the proceedings; as Derek Armstrong, Dustin Brown, Kyle Calder, Denis Gauthier and their wacky lion mascot further tarnish a joint that Bob Barker spent roughly 120 years classing up.

Coming up: Photo Expedition fun, and some spoilers for the episode that's scheduled to air on Nov. 5.

While Dustin Brown carefully studied the make, model, materials and labor costs of putting together an antique-style digital jukebox, Kyle Calder watches host Drew Carey scanning his nametag, thinking: "Go ahead, Dilbert. Say something about my nickname being 'Grease.' I will hit a man with glasses. I'm a man of my word."

"You're not going to believe this ... but I bid eleventy-seventy billion dollars."

"Top bid is eleventy-seventy billion dollars? I bid thirty-seven cents, Bob."

Derek Armstrong didn't know it yet, but two rows of Naval officers were ready to order a Code Red for that nametag after the show. Meanwhile, Denis Gauthier dazzles the crowd with an impromptu Macarena.

Slowly, Drew Carey started to believe that Sheila's scream after winning Los Angeles Kings season tickets wasn't one of excitement, but rather punishing agony. And that made him start screaming out of empathy.

Derek Armstrong reveals his plans for the 2010 season.

Finally, Dustin Brown gets face time with the camera as mascot Bailey attempts to fight back against Kings fan protesters chanting, "No goalies, no points!"

So what happened on this hockey-centric version of "The Price is Right?" Well, "Robm" of the LetsGoKings.com boards (with a H/T to FanHouse for the find) claims to have been at the taping, and offered this synopsis of the Showcase Showdown. (SPOILERS AHOY!):

The Kings were in the first showcase. The showcase started off with Denis Gauthier asking the contesting if he wanted a punch in the face. Interesting. Then, the showed the first part of the showcase which was tickets to a game with penalty box seats during practice along with a crapload of Kings memorabilia. We could've split that among all the fans and been happy. In fact, in retrospect, I should've asked if we could've split it amongst the sixteen of us. Crap. The next portion of the prize was a trip to Switzerland for the hockey championships (next year?) and finally there was a boat. The display of the boat started off with someone (Calder?) starting a sentence and then the rest of the guys throwing him into a boat. Eventually, Army with some help was able to pull Dustin's shirt over his head. Basically, Dustin was bare-chested for that part of the show case.

(Ed. Note: Ladies ...)

The guy who got this showcase PASSED on it. Even if you don't like the Kings stuff, why the hell do you pass on a trip to Europe and a boat? The other show case had a boat and a bedroom set. Boring. Less Money. Loser to pass.

We of course won't reveal who wins the big prize. But according to the spoilers, the Kings also did some additional taping that included "a nice Ducks bashing segment based on the show." We hope they spun the big wheel to predict how many months Anaheim owner Henry Samueli gets in the cooler for fraud.

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