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On Tuesday, New York City hosted the NHL's third annual media tour featuring some of the top names in the game doing interviews and promotional work for the league's television partners. All of those cheesy visuals of Patrick Kane(notes) and Evgeni Malkin(notes) lifting their heads slowly to face the camera as your Versus or TSN broadcast is going to commercial? Those are all done during the media tour.

Once the long day ended, the 20 NHL stars enjoyed themselves at a cocktail party at Monkey Bar hosted by Vanity Fair editor and Ottawa native Graydon Carter. The NHL posted some photos from the evening and here are a few for your enjoyment:

Brendan Shanahan(notes) ensures Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller(notes) that the next NHL Research & Development Orientation camp will focus on helping the goalies out. What you don't see are Shanny's fingers crossed behind his back. What you do see is Gary Bettman eyeing that dude's slider.

Henrik Lundqvist(notes) of the New York Rangers asks noted socialite Cornelia Guest what the hell a socialite does, exactly, besides nothing. "So it's a lot like Glen Sather's job?"

Here's Zach Parise(notes) and Sidney Crosby(notes) cornering New York Times sports editor Tom Jolly to make sure that when the "Old Gray Lady" goes behind a paywall the world can still enjoy the hockey coverage of Jeff Z. Klein and Stu Hackel.

"I can't believe I've laughed at all of those height jokes about the Canadiens, and Cammalleri actually has four inches on me ..."

Alex Ovechkin(notes) explains his "Vergine Maria" shirt to Gary Bettman so that Bettman can then explain it to his daughter. Right before Bettman promises that any misguided "Cap Circumvention" accusations about his contract will not result in the hiring of a Mohel.

NHL COO John Collins details his plans for an Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby "Odd Couple" sitcom for NHL Network after the seventh nightly showing of On the Fly, as Doc Brown looks on.

Here's Duncan Keith(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks with his fiancée Kelly and Stanley Cup hero Patrick Kane with ... his mom? What. A. Killjoy.

"Wait, you consider yourself a 'LOST' superfan? Hope you finally get a chance to kiss a girl now that it's over, Shan-nerd-han."

Well done, Mr. Tavares.

"Honestly Ryan, it's not within my powers to broker a Vezina-for-medal swap between you and Roberto."

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