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Forget the Scotty Bowman to the Blackhawks thing and that Kevin Lowe promotion to president over with the Oilers. Clearly, the biggest hockey news of the day has been broken by celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton: Actress Kate Hudson has sparked up an old romance with retired NHL star Eric Lindros.

As PerezHilton.com was the first to exclusively report, the actress and Lance Armstrong just ended their relationship. Well, she's already got herself a new man. And, it's actually an old man!

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Hudson is once again seeing an ex-boyfriend of hers, a fella by the name of Eric Lindros. "Kate and Eric have been holed up at her parent's [Goldie & Kurt's] house Muskoka, Canada," a well-placed insider tells us. "She went there immediately after she and Lance ended things."

Perez also wrote, "Dating your own sloppy seconds? Tasty!" and then drew a bunch of nonsense on her photo.

Obviously, Puck Daddy wasn't around for the first go-round for these two lovebirds, so hopefully the rumors are true. Gosh, where to begin? The shared agony of less talented siblings? The functioning brain cell race between the much-concussed Lindros and Hudson's former husband, Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes? The fact that Kate starred in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and Eric starred in "How to Lose a Cup in Four Games?"

Oh, the possibilities ... thanks to Wrap Around Curl for the tip.

UPDATE (5 p.m. EDT): As mentioned in the comments, Canada's answer to Perez Hilton, Zack Taylor, reports on Hot or Not Gossip that these two crazy kids aren't, in fact, dating. Chubby Perez or Canadian Perez ... who do you trust?

Kate and Eric are JUST friends. Their families have known each other for 15 - 20 years and they both have cottages around the corner from each other. Eric is seeing somebody else, and him and Kate have always been close friends for years and years. Nothing is going on, other than them bumping into each other up North.

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