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We're going a bit heavy on the Philadelphia Flyers/Pittsburgh Penguins action today, because this series is shaping up to be more fun than Scarlett Johansson on a trampoline.

Yesterday, we reported on a Philadelphia radio station's desperate attempt to save the famed Rocky statue from being defaced by Penguins fans. Our buddy Enrico from The 700 Level pointed us to the photo on the right from PittsburghHockey.Net that shows Rocky "dressed in a Sidney Crosby shirt" and "blindfolded with Pens logo t-shirt."

Penguins Fans: 1, Dude Hired by 610 WIP: 0.

Enrico is unimpressed. "Clearly the wusses from the Burgh needed the cover of darkness to shroud the Rocky statue in cheap Penguins tee shirts."

Or did they? The photo to the right was e-mailed to us this morning by reader Gregg Kulick (who is not in the photo, incidentally).

Our buddies at The Pensblog also had this other statue photo, and Enrico tells us that the pic dates back to when the statue was located in front of The Spectrum, so it's not exactly recent. Which either means the Penguins/Rocky statue hex has been in place for longer than we thought; or there is no hex at all, considering both of these teams are eight wins away from the Stanley Cup; or as The 700 Level believes, based on the Montreal Canadiens' fate following their fans' statue vandalism, there is now a well-established reverse-hex on the Penguins that only grows stronger as more Pens-related schwag is applied to The Italian Stallion.

Whatever the case, PittsburghHockey.net doesn't seem that concerned with retaliation from Flyers fans as the Eastern Conference Finals continue: "A Flyers fan that attempts to cover the face of Willie Stargell or Roberto Clemente will only be doing the right thing to prevent further embarrassment of viewing the circus inside PNC Park."

The bar has been set, Flyers fans. What will you do to trump the humiliation of Mr. Balboa? Is renaming an island at the local aquarium really going to be the extent of your vengeance? Rocky would be ashamed of that counter-punch ...

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