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You may recall back in October when the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers met for the first time this season, the game ended 5-4 in favor of Pittsburgh but was overshadowed by Kris Letang's(notes) accusation that Scott Hartnell(notes) bit his finger during a scrum at the end of the game.

Much like that game in October, the Penguins were victorious Sunday and one player was claiming to be bit by an opponent. This time around it was Arron Asham(notes) accusing Matt Cooke(notes) of chomping on his finger during a third period scrum.  

Chuck Gormley of the Courier-Post has the full text of Asham's postgame comments:

"There was a scrum, I grabbed him. There were two guys on Harts and my glove got tangled in his mouth and he bit me, so I lost it.

It’s not bad, but he’s a gutless guy. I have no respect for him at all. I lined up against him and asked him to fight and he didn’t want to. If you go and bite someone … I just have no use for him.

He does his job well. He’s an agitator. He’s garbage to me and I have no respect for him at all.

You should have a little more honor than that. Usually if you bite somebody you stick up for yourself and you fight the guy. Not this guy, he’s chicken and I have no respect for him. He plays the game hard and I respect him for that, but he yaps, he’s a dirty player. At least a guy like (Sean) Avery fights. This guy is just chicken (bleep) and I hate him.

It would have been better if he dropped the gloves with me, but he’s got no stones."

"Usually if you bite somebody..." That's got to be tough for these guys to do, what with all the missing teeth and all.

Anthony SanFilippo of The Delaware County Daily Times reported that in the Penguins locker room Cooke and Craig Adams(notes) were joking that if Letang wasn't bitten by Hartnell back in October, as the Flyers forward claimed, then neither was Asham on Sunday. The reporter also saw Asham's finger was said it was "certainly chewed".

The two teams will have one final regular season meeting on March 27 in Pittsburgh.

UPDATE: Here's video of the late-game scrum courtesy of GhostWalker40:

Like the Hartnell-Letang incident, you cannot see anything in the pile of bodies and thus Cooke will not face any discipline.

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