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"Damn I gotta get out, get out, step out of this room/Gotta find my car keys/Damn I just smell of perfume/She's draggin' me back, me back, me back into the room/Somebody help me, before I will consume ..."

Oh, sorry, I was just grooving to the slammin' beats and lyrical dexterity of my new favorite R&B artist J.O.E. Daking on his MySpace page.

Wait, what was that Alanah from Canucks and Beyond? J.O.E. Daking is actually Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy's pugilistic son Jonathan?! Translated from French on Energe 94.3's Web site, it seems Johnny boy will go from stopping pucks to dropping beats this summer, yo:

Supported financially by his father, Roy therefore launch this summer an album of hip-hop music composed of 10 songs that were recorded in a studio in Quebec City. The young goalkeeper appears in MySpace as a sexy star, named artist JOE Daking. Roy, who sings in English, writes all the lyrics of his songs and then compose music by others.

Say, what's the French word for K-Fed? You may recall, both Jonathan and Patrick Roy were suspended earlier this year for a now-infamous moment of rink rage in a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League playoff game -- one that saw Roy pummel opposing goalie Bobby Nadeau. But it might have been a good thing in the long run: In Canadian hip-hop terms, that suspension is actually the street cred equivalent of 50 Cent getting shot nine times. 

Check out this awful translation of a French-language story Alanah tracked down that details where Jonathan Roy gets his songwriting inspiration, how his father feels about the sexy photos on the MySpace page and the new R&B sensation's admiration of Justin Timberlake. Hey, I respect J.T.'s skillz as much as the next guy; but I doubt he's ever thrown down like this before:

Huge Biggie Smalls-sized h/t to both Alanah and to Bethany from HLOG for this phat newz.

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