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Steve Lepore of Puck The Media posted this teaser for the NHL's opening night on Versus, focusing on the Alexander Ovechkin(notes) and Washington Capitals at the Boston Bruins. Yes, we know the network gets ragged on here like Martin Prince after telling Mrs. Krabappel's class that he's an "expert pianist," but seriously: What do you think?

Three thoughts:

1. The whole fans/team/"we" thing is a point of contention for a lot of people, but it works here and for hockey in general. It's always been a cultish sport, in perception and in the way die-hard fans interact with each other. It makes it feel like battle lines have been drawn for this game.

2. Diversity, thy name is not hockey commercial.

3. Having the Washington Capitals fan (and they are, according to the network, actual fans) respond to Tim Thomas's(notes) boast about the Bruins blueline with "Defense? Who needs defense?" is either incredibly hockey-astute copywriting or unintentionally hilarious for hockey fans.

It's a pretty effective, fresh campaign. Too bad no one on DirecTV can see it. And the studio show still stinks. Other than that, we ask you:

Pass or Fail: The Versus 2009-10 season NHL commercial campaign.

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