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Chris Creamer of Sportslogos broke this jersey leak on Monday, as Team Canada will have a "throwback" sweater for the 2011 World Junior Championships this season.

Pass or Fail: Team Canada’s new throwback third jersey

Hey, here's a handy way to feel ancient: When a logo from the early 1990s can be considered a "throwback," and you realize this is because the early 1990s were 20 years ago. (Sigh.)

The logo itself conjures images of standard-def hockey games on tape delay, with bad CGI scoreboards. We dig it from a kitschy nostalgia perspective; it's like buying an old Winter Olympics shirt for the time-specific style and design.

Also, our friends in Toronto tell us the three Leafs on the stick represent Phil Kessel(notes) winning the Richards, Ross and Hart in 2012 (this might not be accurate).


Can we please stop with the symmetrical heritage patterns on logos and hems of these jerseys?

The 2010 Winter Olympic jerseys for Canada used this gimmick, filling the leaf on the front with images of First Nation artwork and iconography. It was well-received, and obviously used to conjure the Wolf Spirit to defeat far superior U.S. teams for double-gold.

But this thing on the hem of the new Canada sweaters? Bleech. From Creamer:

The star of this jersey is the grey pattern designed along the waist of the jersey, it's a muralistic (not a word) representation of Team Canada's junior hockey past, borrowing imagery of previous championship tournaments while including years of noteworthy tournaments in the history of the junior program.

Again, if the majority considers this design to be the star of the jersey — despite completely clashing with the clean lines of the retro logo — then we will gladly wave our freak flag for the minority. It's distracting. It looks like a printer cartridge exploded on their pants. In the words of the master thespian Ethan Hawke in "Realty Bites": You look like a doily.

Then again, we're just curmudgeonly jerks. What say you?

Pass or Fail: The retro third jerseys for Canada's National Hockey Team.

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