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The women's apparel and accessories available on Shop NHL continue to beguile us. The bedazzled handbags. The sexy Alyssa Milano gear. The really sexy NHL bikinis. And, of course, even more bedazzling, this time on some truly terrible looking NHL fashion jerseys.

We're not sure if these latest items are truly terrible. But they are certainly fashion jerseys.

Pass or Fail: Reebok’s Fair Isle NHL jerseys, for the ladies

The Reebok Fair Isle Women's Jersey, ladies and gentlemen, available for $74.99 and for 15 NHL teams, made by the good people of Indonesia. From Shop NHL:

Get in the game with this great spin on your favorite NHL® jersey. The Reebok® Fair Isle women's jersey is fully customizable with a name and number of your choosing on the back, applied to match the grey heather accents along the bottom of the garment. A v-neck and appliquéd team logo finish it off.

Fully customizable, you say? What great news for that girl who always wanted a jersey that looks like it should be hanging on the wall of a goth ski lodge, only with with "Mrs. Toews" on the back.

Pass or Fail: Reebok’s Fair Isle NHL jerseys, for the ladies

Because we're cursed with male genitalia, we had not idea what "Fair Isle" meant. 'Twas a time when it described a specific knitting technique, but now it's just applied all willy-nilly to a variety of knitting. Sort of like how NBC calls many of their half-hour shows "comedies."

These jerseys aren't terrible, if you're someone who wears Uggs over your jeans and/or the majority of your wardrobe is from LL Bean. At the very least, we can give Reebok credit for not adding its usually layers of bedazzling, making this sweater resemble something Rainbow Brite would have worn after her retirement to a small town in eastern Maine.

But as so many of our lady puckhead friends have told us before: What's wrong with the standard issue hockey jersey for women, or a female-cut one? Why mess with near-perfection?

We leave the ultimate verdict to you, dear readers. Incidentally: We're much less enthusiastic about the Fair Isle jerseys than we are the Lonely Isle jerseys, which are tailor-made for when you're on a mother [expletive] boat (everybody, look at me).

Pass or Fail: Reebok Fair Isle Women's Jersey.

s/t to reader Doug Cotts

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