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Leave it to Sean Avery(notes) to make hockey fashion news. The super pest/former Vogue intern published this first image of the New York Rangers' new third jerseys on SeanAvery.com yesterday, under the heading "Feels Nice."

The color scheme is reminiscent of the Rangers' "Lady Liberty" alternate sweaters they wore on and off from 1999 through 2007, which were pretty darn sharp-looking.

Chris from Icethetics, who confirmed Avery's photo depicts the new jersey, had advocated for a return to that logo rather than adopting this design. The new third is a classic-looking sweater whose colors also recall those worn by the US Olympic team in Vancouver.

Design-wise, Chris might have a point: When your normal jerseys have "RANGERS" diagonally across the front and the super-special alternative jerseys only have "NEW YORK" instead, it misses out on the opportunity these third jerseys provide for creativity. Even if you sometimes end up with Lady Liberty and other times you get the Mooterus. Such is life.

What say you about the Rangers' new sweaters? Classy addition? Redundant duds? Or are you too busy wondering what scene they'll be placing Avery into via that green screen? (Please say they're digitally replacing Sam Worthington with Sean Avery in a "Clash of the Titans" special edition. Because who wouldn't want to see him work his charms on Medusa?)

With that, we ask:

Pass or Fail: The New York Rangers third jerseys for the 2010-11 season.

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