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After showing off their white road sweaters at the NHL draft last month, the Nashville Predators unleashed their new gold-colored home jerseys at their "Skate of the Union" event on Wednesday.

Pass or Fail: Nashville Predators’ golden new home sweaters

Personally, we're fans of the gold. Big time.

The aim for any jersey change, besides having the chance to print money thanks to your swag-hungry fans, is to create something lasting and iconic. Nashville became synonymous with the color last postseason, the most successful run in franchise history. Carrying it over to the new sweaters feels right, and the overall motif is like nothing else in the NHL right now.

(Best of all: They don't resemble spicy mustard.)

But we can't go all the way on these … because of those numbers (see image on left). It's the guitar strings. They just don't feel right, at least at the moment. It's like if the San Jose Sharks had giant bites taken out of their numbers. It's a little hokey.

Chris from Icethetics loves what the Preds have done:

Reaction was largely positive as we've been presented with a clean, solid design and bright colors you don't often see in the NHL. These are all good things and should be welcomed with open arms.

I give it three thumbs up (I'm going to need to borrow somebody's thumb) for standing out in a sea of sameness in this league. I'm thrilled to see them drop the blue jersey — which is becoming overused. I'd say it's one less we'll see in the NHL next season but then I'm betting on a blue sweater from the Winnipeg Jets, whenever that comes.

What say you? Will the Predators' concentration on gold become the next super-popular "Rock The Red" in Washington or ill-fated "Blueland" from Atlanta?

Pass or Fail: The Nashville Predators' new home jerseys.

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