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"American Idol" country vixen Carrie Underwood — the real one, not just the hilarious cardboard cutout behind the bench — made her Stanley Cup Playoff semifinals debut last night during Game 3 of the Nashville Predators' series against the Vancouver Canucks. You probably already knew that if you watched the game, given that CBC Sports gave Mrs. Mike Fisher(notes) more face time than Barry Trotz (and that's a lot of face right there).

Well, at least one member of her family was actual visible for the Predators during Tuesday night's OT loss to Vancouver

Yes, it appears Carrie will be an indelible part of this series, having already been a target of the Green Men in Vancouver. But Canucks fans' comedic interest in her doesn't stop there; witness this playoff anthem parody of Underwood's "Before He Cheats" by RKB Productions called "Blue and Green":

"Right now, Barry Trotz is upset because he looks like a garden gnome."

"Pekka Rinne sounds like Italian food."

Very close race for best line of the song right there.

Some sight gags, some one-liners, and a catchy tune to build a spoof on. What say you dear readers?

Pass or Fail: The Canucks fan Carrie Underwood parody "Blue and Green."

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