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First thing's first: The Calgary Flames aren't calling the spiffy sweaters they unveiled today "third jerseys"; rather, they're "retro jerseys" that will be worn on five occasions next season against their Canadian rivals. (Obviously, this call was made before any final decision on "making it seven" for this season has been rendered.)

The jerseys are an exact replica of the team's original sweaters that the Flames wore in the 1908s, save for the 30th anniversary patch. From the Calgary Herald at today's press event:

Flames forward Craig Conroy(notes), who along with alumnus Jim Peplinsky served as models for the unveiling, said he is looking forward to seeing how the fans - and players - will react to the vintage jerseys. "I think the fans like it. It's something different and it's going to be colourful out there, with the red everywhere. But for a lot of us, it's something new," Conroy said.

Chris from Icethetics had his reaction today:

I think this throwback jersey is a good thing. It's always nice to see teams celebrate important anniversaries with classic uniforms - so far nobody's done it better than the Canadiens.

Based on comments I've read, it sounds like most of you will be thrilled by the lack of black in this uniform - assuming they lose the black pants for these five games. And unlike what others have suggested, I don't think this uniform is that ugly - it's just very '80s. It was a different time in terms of uniform design. Certainly a lot more colorful than it is today.

Being that we're dealing with a special anniversary gimmick and not an official third jersey, the usual Pass/Fail rules aren't in effect. Instead, playing off of Chris's comment, we ask the Puck Daddy readership:

Pass or Fail: The Calgary Flames 2009-10 retro jersey should replace the current model as the team's official sweater once again.

In other words: Dumping the black. C'mon now ... you know those old school jerseys look great ... especially with a mustache the size of the Saddledome.

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