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The 2010-11 NHL season finally marks the death of the Buffaslug, the angry cashew nut that adorned the front of Buffalo Sabres jerseys since 2006. Its demise began last season with the Sabres introducing a retro look for its third jersey; that jersey is now the official home sweater, and this is what Buffalo will wear on the road:

Tom Doran Tweeted this image that leaked over on the HF Boards on Tuesday, and the venerable Chris from Icethetics came as close to validating them as he could without an official team announcement, writing "I have seen the Sabres' new sweaters and this, in fact, [is] what they look like" while adding, "If these are fake, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to mislead us."

With that, here's a second leaked image, of the Sabres' new alternate sweater for their 40th anniversary season:

The alt-sweater takes the retro theme popularized by the Minnesota Wild and, in our eyes, improves on it. The "BUFFALO" on the front echoes that of the Buffalo Bison in the AHL, while that little logo underneath of it is the Sabres' anniversary mark, with the year 1970 inside of it. It's sharper looking than the concept that leaked earlier this year, which was too baseball-ish.

As much as we dig the alt-sweater, the roadie has some issues. The grey underarms take getting used to. The yellow stripes are too prominent, and should have been reversed to become the accent stripes, like on the old sweaters. They give this jersey a "peeing in the snow" look that we're sure wasn't on the drawing board. Maybe when the numbers are applied, they'll distract from them.

Charlie over on Sabres Not Slugs had a similar reaction to the jerseys, the latest in the preposterously frequent uniform changes for the franchise in the last 14 years.

What say you about the new Sabres' duds?

1. Pass or Fail: The Sabres' new road white sweaters.

2. Pass or Fail: The Sabres' new alternate jersey.

3. Thinking back over the last 25 years, was the Buffaslug the worst primary logo (i.e. non third-jersey) introduced in the NHL?

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