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Considering this technology has been viewed millions of times in online clips, odds are you've witnessed the glory of the Bottoms Up Beer Dispensing System. In not, prepare to be amazed and amazingly thirsty:

Our Yahoo! Sports colleague Dan Wetzel profiled Bottoms Up and inventor Josh Springer on The Post Game last week in a piece called "The Death of the Beer Line." How does a contraption that pours beer nine times faster than normal work?

The key is the use of a cup that features a hole at the bottom and small, circular magnet that rests over it. When placed on the system, the magnet is lifted up by the pressure-driven beer. The cup fills up until the weight of the liquid pushes the magnet back down over the hole. The cup can then be lifted off and the beer consumed as normal.

What traditionally takes a single worker concentrating on the pour -- which still produces spillage and waste to produce the proper foam head -- is now hands-free, fast and almost perfectly efficient. Springer said stadiums that have used the system have gone from using eight beer pourers for every two cashiers to having one beer pourer for every eight cashiers. A single stand has been able to deliver 56 draft beers in one minute, an unofficial world record.

Crossing Broad reports that the Wells Fargo Center will debut the technology for tonight's Philadelphia Flyers game against the Montreal Canadiens, becoming the first Philadelphia area sports facility and, we'd imagine, the first in the NHL to use it. (Update: According to BeerNewb, it's been used in Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings arenas.) More from Philly Sports Daily.

From Travis on Broad Street Hockey: "With this system, you can literally pop out of your seat after an icing call, get a beer, pay, and probably get back to your seat before play begins again. How awesome is that?

Very awesome. In fact, we're going to ask the following question expecting the majority to endorse this ... but we're very interested in hearing arguments against it from the FAILers. With that:

Pass or Fail: The Bottom's Up beer dispensary system at Flyers home games.

Now, if they could just invent something to speed up the bathroom lines ...

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