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Please recall last week when we pointed to a YouTube video of two 6-year-old South Florida hockey players who came moments away from coming to blows on the ice before mommy stepped in and ruined all the fun.

The video went viral and was soon all over the Internet. To try and hash things out between the two kids, the Florida Panthers decided to bring them both to the team's training facility in Coral Springs, Fla., Monday and talk out the issues over some beer much like President Obama's "Beer Summit" last summer that brought together a police officer and a professor after a controversial arrest. Well, except in this case they drank root beer.

J.J. Mazza and Etnie Rosenbaum, joined by Panthers forward David Booth(notes), talked hockey during a break at Booth's hockey camp.

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So J.J. revealed that they were just playing around? Is there a campaign to get rid of staged fights in youth hockey as well?

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