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Based on his clothes and previous exploits behind the turntables, we figured Alex Ovechkin's(notes) musical tastes were centered around annoyingly repetitive Euro club tracks. So the idea of him driving 140 MPH in D.C. while warbling "you other Slim Shady's are just im-it-ating" in broken English is rather refreshing.

According to LIFE.ru (Russian text), the Washington Capitals captain is a big Eminem fan. So much so that the site claims his reps are "negotiating" with those of Mr. Marshall Mathers to have the hockey star and the rap star in a "duet" just four years after Nas declared that hip-hop was dead.

Our own Dmitry Chesnokov translated the LIFE.ru story, from a publication he said is "a source that doesn't care about credibility and truth." Here's Dmitry's translation of the article, with that mountainous grain of salt:

Having come back from Russia to the other side of the ocean, Alex Ovechkin doesn't get tired of surprising his fans. Ovi is going to record a duet with the legendary rapper Eminem! It is obvious that their track will be in the style of hip-hop, the style Alex is a fan of.

"This would be a big honor for me as I am a real fan of Eminem!" Alexander says. "I always have his CDs in my car. I will be happy just to meet him. By the way, the film '8 Mile' with Eminem starring is simply awesome."

Ovechkin is not ready yet to star in movies. As for the sing, it is still unclear what the track will be and when it will be recorded. It is possible that there will be a music video. Right now NHL managers are negotiating with Eminem's representatives - the League thinks this will be an excellent PR for hockey.

The chief MC of world rap is not a stranger to hockey. This summer the NHL and Interscope recording label that Eminem works with made a video for the song Not Afraid that was dedicated to the Stanley Cup final.

By the way, Ovechkin himself already has music experience. A few months ago he recorded a song together with Russian rapper Dzhigan in Moscow - according to the player, he dedicated the song to his girlfriend Valeria Sokolova. The duet with Eminem is, of course, another level, so Ovi will have to improve his vocals.

Oh, totally. We can see Ovechkin now, showing up unannounced to D.C. area rap battles and spitting rhymes. What's the Russian phrase for "mom's spaghetti?"

Will Ovechkin and his personalized sweatpants ever grace the same studio as Eminem for a rap duet? Yeah, we're hazy on that future collaboration, too, despite Eminem's association with the NHL. At the very least, perhaps this newfound hobby for Ovechkin will result in hip-hop throw-downs being added to the NHL All-Star Skills competition. Paging Mr. Versteeg ... Mr. Kris Versteeg ...

UPDATE: We thought it was pretty clear that the story was tabloid nonsense, but in case you needed it formally debunked, CSN Washington does it

Stick-tap to Paul Kukla, who gave the hockey world this story.

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