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Puck Buddy Robert Brigantic, a self-identified "long-suffering" New York Islanders fan, sent over this email:

Back in March you flagged an Islanders fan for a Jersey Foul of "incredible hubris and total indignation to the Hockey Gods" for prematurely sporting a John Tavares jersey.

It should now be obvious that this fan had psychic ability on a par with Dionne Warwick.  In the next edition of Jersey Fouls, I think it's only fair that you acknowledge his Kreskin-like abilities.

We won't wait for the next edition of Jersey Fouls later this week. That's because the fan in question, Barry, also emailed us after the Isles drafted John Tavares:

Guess instead of a moron I'm a visionary!  :)

The gloating, we can take. The emoticon was over the line ...

To be fair, Islanders blog Lighthouse Hockey also had its issues with the premature fashion acceptance of John Tavares as the No. 1 pick. All we can do now is acknowledge our hastiness, bow down to Barry the Islanders Fan and hope he can find it within the kindness of his heart to provide either of us with Mega Millions numbers.

Meanwhile, here's a short interview we did at Bell Centre in Montreal with Roger Farina, a former NHL Fan of the Year, that covered his feelings on Tavares before he was selected first overall. Yes, he did in fact have nameplates for all three possibilities ready to roll. We met some really great Islanders bloggers in Montreal, too; they all seem pretty darn happy with Tavares.

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