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If you were wondering how the Columbus Blue Jackets could possibly top the phallic hilarity of Boomer The Cannon, last night we got our answer: The Sugardale Hot Dog/T-Shirt cannon.

Yes indeed, those who spied the Hot Dog Cannon at last night's Blue Jackets' loss to the Anaheim Ducks breathlessly reported its awkward charms on Twitter, including Steph Greegor of The Other Paper:

"Sweet Mother God a hot dog cannon that shoots white tshirts? Boomer is resurrected as a wiener! ... A hot dog is a hot dog until a hot girl stuffs it up and then it shoots white t-shirts."

DP, who blogs at Waiting for Next Year, wrote:

"And, oh God, I just *saw* the Hot Dog Cannon. Apparently the #CBJ have a bunch of 14-year-old dudes working in their Game Ops dept. ... Seriously: who green-lit the "Hot Dog Cannon"?? I can think of like 15 jokes just off the top of my head."

The Hot Dog Cannon, while new for Columbus, has been spotted in several places around the sports world in the last year or so. Here's Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr, having a little trouble handling his Hot Dog:

Ironically, the Royals were sued by a fan who was hit with a hot dog when Sluggerrr "finished with the air gun and then began throwing food into the stands with his paws."

We're unsure about the Blue Jackets Hot Dog Cannon being fitting for wiener launching, as all the references were about T-shirts last night. All we know is that the Columbus Blue Jackets are fast becoming our favorite game operations outfit in the NHL, and we look forward to further innovations like bobbing for kielbasa contests between periods.

Big-time stick tap to Brian Cluxton for the image.

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