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Depending on your level of familiarity with him, it's been surreal watching goalie Craig Anderson(notes) have the season he's had with the Colorado Avalanche.

Maybe, to you, he's the journeyman who became a Vezina candidate, having gone from a trio of waiver claims in 2006 to unrestricted free agency in 2009 to a .948 save percentage in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs through four games. Maybe, if you're a Florida Panthers or Chicago Blackhawks fan, he's the one that got away. Maybe, if you're Peter Budaj(notes), he's "the reason I self-medicate."

For us, it's been strange watching Anderson because ... well, because he's always going to be The Goalie Who Leers At The Ice Girls to us. Based on this. And on this. And on the dozens of other images that Getty or AP didn't capture.

As you can see in the screen-cap above from Real Denver Sports, Andy's still Andy when it comes to on-ice eye candy. Alas, they report it may have been his downfall in Game 4:

Just 23 seconds later the Sharks score to win the game. Just sayin'.

Memo to the San Jose Sharks game operations staff for tonight's Game 5: From what we've seen on your Web site, you do not liberally flaunt, or employ, Ice Girls. The clock is ticking for you to remedy this.

Stick-tap to Real Denver Sports.

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