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Like any prideful politician, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was confident his Pittsburgh Penguins would defeat the Detroit Red Wings and win the Stanley Cup. (Well, "his Penguins" in the sense that it's "his state." We all know the guy bleeds orange and black.) But alas, the Red Wings have the Cup, and Rendell lost his bet with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Which means this happened ...

Rendell tossed on a Red Wings sweater, downed some Faygo Rock and Rye pop and posed with a bumper sticker. Close inspection reveals some Detroit-made Kowalski Kowality Sausages in front of him; but where are those Michigan cherries?

If nothing else, Rendell's gracious defeat should impress Detroit fans; which means Obama's got another swing-state reason to consider him for veep.

While we didn't have a rooting interest in the finals, it's too bad we won't have the photographic grandeur of seeing Granholm attempting to tackle a Primanti Bros. sandwich.

H/T to Mondesi's House.

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