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No decision yet for Marc Savard’s name on Bruins’ Stanley CupFor a player to automatically get his name on the Stanley Cup after his team wins the championship, he needs 41 regular-season appearances or one appearance in the Stanley Cup Final. Upon request to the NHL, there are exceptions to this rule.

Which brings us to Marc Savard(notes).

Savard played 25 games for the Boston Bruins in 2010-11 before another concussion ended his season on Jan. 22, well before the B's began their playoff journey to the Stanley Cup championship.

We've had a few readers ask recently about Savard's name on the Cup, so we passed the query to the Bruins. From Bruins director of communications Matt Chmura:

"No decisions have been made yet.  [GM] Peter Chiarelli has stated publicly that he will petition for Marc to be on the Cup, but I have not heard definitively one way or the other on an answer."

This is probably a formality, given that Savard is scheduled to spend a day with the Stanley Cup in Peterborough on Aug. 1. But according to the Bruins, nothing has been formalized with Savard's name on the chalice. So there you go.

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