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At the start of the 2010-11 season, we brought you the Bodog.com odds for the Stanley Cup, the conference champions and all the major awards. At the time, the Chicago Blackhawks (6/1) and the Washington Capitals (13/2) were the odds-on favorites for Stanley this season.

How times have changed.

As you see in the following updated Vegas odds for the Stanley Cup and the conferences from Bodog, the Caps have come back to the pack a bit and the Blackhawks are now behind teams like the Bruins, Lightning and Stars.

Meanwhile, the Canucks are the odds-on favorites to win the Cup, with the Penguins second.

Keep in mind these odds are meant to establish favorites but also to entice wagering. Here we go:

Odds to win the 2011 Stanley Cup           

Vancouver Canucks  9/2

Pittsburgh Penguins 5/1

Philadelphia Flyers 13/2

Detroit Red Wings  15/2

Washington Capitals  9/1

Boston Bruins 12/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 14/1

Dallas Stars 16/1

Chicago Blackhawks 20/1

San Jose Sharks 20/1

Los Angeles Kings  25/1

Nashville Predators  25/1

Phoenix Coyotes 25/1

Montreal Canadiens  28/1

New York Rangers  28/1

Anaheim Ducks 30/1

Colorado Avalanche 30/1

St. Louis Blues  30/1

Atlanta Thrashers 40/1

Carolina Hurricanes 50/1

Calgary Flames  70/1

Minnesota Wild  75/1

Buffalo Sabres  90/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1

Florida Panthers 125/1

Ottawa Senators 150/1

Toronto Maple Leafs  150/1

New Jersey Devils 250/1

Edmonton Oilers  400/1

New York Islanders 400/1

Coming up, the conference favorites ...

The conference breakdown; preseason leaders were the Penguins and Capitals (3/1) and the Blackhawks (3/1) and Sharks (5/1)

Any surprises? Any long-shots you dig? For the Cup, the Los Angeles Kings at 25/1, if they get their situation straightened out? For the conference, the Boston Bruins in a division with the Leafs and Sens? Hmmm...

Oh, and for the record: The Devils were 15/1 shots to open the season to win the Cup. Our sympathy to anyone still holding that ticket. 

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