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Craig Custance of The Sporting News reports this afternoon that Chris Pronger's(notes) contract with the Philadelphia Flyers has also come under NHL scrutiny, because incredibly a seven-year contract to a soon-to-be 35-year-old defenseman that pays $525,000 in the final two seasons might be a way around the salary cap.

That's fair, even if the structure of Pronger's deal is less egregious than that of Hossa. Good luck finding anything concrete in either case that a retirement date for the player was discussed or, worse yet, established formally.

You'd have a better chance getting a straight answer out of Bettman or Daly as to why the NHL approved two massive contracts that it's now investigating after the fact ...

Blake over at Wild Nation believes these contracts are "a plague" upon the NHL:

The more long-term contracts get signed, the more teams will, not only handcuff themselves, but handcuff the league's ability to spread parity throughout.  Not only that, but it harms the fans as well.  A lack of marquee free agents during the off season can kill any momentum that the league has with the fans.

Yet a lack of marquee teams, whose talent pools have been drained by the salary cap over time, wouldn't?

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