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Now that the first round is finished, the NHL has released the official second round schedule, which kicks off Thursday night with Game 1 between the San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings.

First up, the Eastern Conference:

Interesting to see NBC take Game 2 of Pittsburgh-Montreal on Sunday afternoon. NBC has shied away from taking games involving Canadian teams so as to not eliminate an American market, but with the Penguins having faced off with Ottawa in the first round, it's hard to leave Sidney Crosby and the ratings he and his teammates bring off the air for two straight rounds.

Keep in mind that Saturday's Game 1 between Boston and Philly gets an earlier start because of the Kentucky Derby.  

Now, the Western Conference:

No NBC love for the West in the second round and the Red Wings get a short rest before taking on the Sharks on Thursday night.

There's also no NBC games the weekend of May 8/9 due to coverage of The Players Championship golf major tournament. 

Steve Lepore of Puck the Media notes in his supersized schedule all of the games that will be joined in progress.

UPDATE: Lepore updates us with what games will be exclusive to Versus/NBC and not air on regional networks:

Montreal vs. Pittsburgh

Game 1 – April 30, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 2 –
May 2, 2:00 PM, NBC
Game 4 – May 6, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 5 – May 8, 7:00 PM, VERSUS

Philadelphia vs. Boston

Game 1 – May 1, 12:30 PM, NBC
Game 2 – May 3, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 3 – May 5, 7:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 4 – May 7, 7:00 PM, VERSUS

Detroit vs. San Jose

Game 1 – Apr. 29, 9:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 2 – May 2, 8:00 PM, VERSUS

Vancouver vs. Chicago

Game 1 – May 1, 8:00 PM, VERSUS
Game 4 – May 7, 9:30 PM, VERSUS

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