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The last time we had a backstage clip this hilarious involving someone with Buffalo ties, it featured doughnuts, Jim Schoenfeld and physical comedy. So thank you, Adam Mair of the Buffalo Sabres, for your unmitigated anger outside the Ottawa Senators locker room last night:

Getting Caught From Behind has another clip of this fun. Mair and Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators had both received misconduct penalties at 18:12 of the third period. Jim Kelley of Sportsnet, in a column mostly dedicated to the financial woes of several teams, gave some context:

Mair, ejected after an on-ice melee involving several members of both teams, took a walk, in full gear, down the hallway to the entrance of the Senators locker room. He was reportedly looking for Chris Neil but instead got into a verbal altercation with Ruutu, who chose to answer Muir's call at the locker room door in Neil's place. At one point Mair grabbed the Finn by his undershirt but a quick-thinking member of the Senators PR staff stepped between the two and separated them.

There didn't appear to be enough of an altercation to warrant any major discipline, but then the league doesn't seem to like this sort of thing when it shows up on tape, especially when the commissioner is in the house, so stay tuned.

Bruce "Malkin to the Kings" Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun stayed tuned, and reports that the NHL is indeed looking into the incident.

It's a matter of unsportsmanlike conduct and a regrettable video clip, so we're not sure if Mair will get the "book thrown at him" as Garrioch so hyperbolically states. But Ottawa Senators Coach Craig Hartsburg is lobbying for some sort of punishment: "They have to look it for sure and I'm sure they will. To be running down the hallway after the other team is not a good thing. ... They'll reviewed it all and the right thing will be done. But, it's obviously not a good situation."

Neil had a pretty funny line after the game:

"I heard about it," said Neil, who has a long history with Mair. "Maybe he was trying to take a 10-game suspension because he's already had two of those. He obviously doesn't like getting paid. I wish I had been here. He was mad because I was chirping at him."

H/T Kuklas for the story.

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