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Major League Soccer announced on Wednesday that NBC had acquired a package of games that will air on the network and on its cable affiliates, such as The Channel Formerly Known As VERSUS. We expect this means some soccer/hockey cross-promotion, which means we need you now more than ever, Ambassador Scott Gomez(notes).

Perhaps that synergy can go even further … like, for example, mutant hybrid jerseys that blend the NHL with international soccer kits!

NHL jerseys re-imagined as soccer kits? Yes, please

Via reader Al Kenny comes this gallery of NHL futbol jersey concepts created by "Majupra," who is a moderator over on Reddit Hockey. And once you get past the blasphemy of transforming the greatest piece of clothing in professional sports — the hockey sweater — into the uniform of another game, they're pretty awesome.

(Unless you're someone who loathes arena naming rights, of course.)

Seriously: Who isn't buying that old-school Mighty Ducks kit? Or wearing the Edmonton Oilers striped sweater to the pub for Sunday morning rugby and beer?

Granted, the Ohio state flag Columbus Blue Jackets jersey would make you one cheap beer and a pair of jorts away from looking like you stumbled out of a Skynard show, but still …

The full gallery of 16 sweaters is here and we can't wait to see the rest of them. Even if the initial batch reinforced that the current Colorado Avalanche look is only made worse by the addition of a giant Pepsi logo.

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