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The entire plot of Mike Myers' summer comedy "The Love Guru" revolves around hockey; his script used his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs as a central character and even involved a "40-year-old Bullard Curse" that keeps the team from the Stanley Cup. The NHL gave the filmmakers unprecedented access "including the use of NHL marks and NHL game action footage, permission and facilitation to film inside NHL arenas, and guest appearances by NHL players and the Stanley Cup." So as the second trailer for "The Love Guru" hits theaters ... where, exactly, is the hockey?

As you can see, the first glimpse of the NHL is at the 1:18 mark: A Leafs logo on the door of their coach's office. The only time we see hockey action is when that coach, played by Mini-Me, is knocked in the noggin by a puck, leading to a rather humorous joke about the Oscars.

Look, it's supremely cool that the NHL is involved with this film, and there isn't a filmmaker in Hollywood we have more confidence in to bring the funny for puckheads than Mike Myers. (OK, outside of George Roy Hill and Nancy Dowd.) But it almost seems like the trailer is hiding the fact that hockey has a major role in the film; imagine if the trailer for "The Longest Yard" focused solely on prison hi-jinks rather than football.

Did the hockey footage fail to test well with audience guinea pigs? Are all the good jokes they decided not to put in the trailer found in the puck action? Maybe if the studio marketed this thing as a hockey comedy, it would significantly reduce the number of fanatic religious protests they might face this summer.

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