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Every weekday in August, Puck Daddy presents "5 Ways I'd Change the NHL," in which a cross-section of sports media and hockey personalities offer solutions, suggestions and absurdities to remake the League to their liking. We're thrilled to have Matt Bradley, forward for the Washington Capitals, contributing his list today.

By Matt Bradley

1. Play every team home and away at least once. This is a no-brainer. It's a national league -- it only makes sense that every city gets to see every team.

2. Make the nets bigger. With the size of goalies and their equipment now, sometimes you look up and there's not much net to shoot at. Some of us can't always hit the part of the net we see. Make'em bigger and there will be a little more margin for error.

3. All the first and second line players have to play wrong-handed. Let's level the playing field a bit for those of us on the third and fourth lines. I bet these guys would adapt, no problem. They'd probably have wicked backhands, too.

4. Goalies are blindfolded for shootouts. We had a shootout go 12 rounds this year without a goal. It got so bad I had to hop over the bench and take things into my own hands.

5. I automatically get to play on Alex Ovechkin's line every game. I've talked to Coach Boudreau about this before, but it hasn't gotten anywhere. If I'm in charge, I'd make it a league rule and take the decision out of his hands. Let's add 10 years to my contract while we're at it so Ovie doesn't have to worry about changing linemates as he's hitting his prime.

Matt Bradley signed a new three-year deal with the Washington Capitals earlier this season. On Friday at noon (OK, noon-ish): Mike Ross of XM Radio's NHL Home Ice.

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