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Dan from the Philadelphia sports gear site PhillyPhaithful.com sent over a note about these "You Can't Spell Crosby Without Cry" T-shirts seen in the photo above; boxes of which are likely being shipped to our nation's capital as we speak.

But we were much more interested in his site's celebrity endorser on the front page: Philadelphia Flyers goalie Martin Biron, grinning like a goofball with his "Cry-sby" shirt.

According to Dan, he met up with Biron and his wife at Chickie and Pete's after Game 4. Which is strange within the context of hockey karma, because Biron actually shut out the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5 before the Flyers folded in Game 6. (Or is that "Philly Pholded?")

But ultimately, the hockey gods probably do not smile upon a goalie that's photographed with a T-shirt mocking a player who has lit him up for 15 points in 11 playoff games. Then again, they also aren't fond of fans who are more intent on chanting "Crosby sucks" than "Let’s Go Flyers," either.

If nothing else, hopefully Biron scored some free shirts to make up for the conference champions swag he failed to earn over the last two years.

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