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San Jose Sharks Coach Todd McLellan told David Pollak of the Mercury News on Monday that the team doesn't have a captain at the moment, which means that Patrick Marleau(notes) has lost the 'C' because his team lost in the first round of the playoffs as a No. 1 seed.

From Working The Corners:

"Who will be our captain? Who will be our assistants? At this point I can't give you that answer?

You can't or you won't?

"I won't and I can't," McLellan said. "I want to see who's stepping up to the front. When training camp starts on Sept. 12, you may walk into my office and say who's your captain and I'll probably tell you I'll let you know when we know.

"At this point, nobody's our captain," he said. "We don't have assistant captains. The discussion is ongoing and when we determine that, then we'll make those announcements."

Marleau has said in the past that he's willing to give up the captaincy for the betterment of the team; wonder where that No-Trade Clause stands these days?

Pollak sees defenseman Dan Boyle(notes) as a logical successor to Marleau, and Battle of California is theorizing different locker room vote methodologies.

But it really doesn't matter who has the letter on his sweater; this team's lack of heart in the locker room is a point of embarrassment and ridicule after the last two seasons. Maybe the solution is some sort of captaincy rotation akin to what the Buffalo Sabres used to implement. Share the burden, build some character around the roster. We're not usually fans of that convention ... but hey, maybe that's what the Sharks need.

Aw, who are we kidding: No one knows what the Sharks need. But this is at least something halfway dramatic to shake the funk off these guys.

Thanks to Nick and Alex for the tips.

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