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On our Game 2 live blog last night, the resident puckheads weren't all that impressed with NHL legend Mark Messier as a talking (bald) head on the Versus pundit panel last night. The reviews ranged from cruel ("Messier looks like a rock ‘em sock ‘em robot.") to unusually cruel  ("Messier's lovechild with Madonna would look like the original ‘Alien' from the movie, but with worse teeth.")

We imagine some of this vitriol is based on the fact that Messier is, in fact, a television commentator who has absolutely nothing to say; a blithering mass of former glory and name recognition whose mission last night was to make Keith Jones sound smarter than Scotty Bowman, and to present some dopey leadership award to a player who held his team hostage at the trade deadline.

Are we being too hard on him? Check out this fine Mess and decide for yourself:

H/T to our friends at Orland Kurtenblog, who claim this is an example of "what a lack of cue cards and deep fried potato goodness will do to a man."

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