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How do you feel about distressed jeans? You know, those pants sold in various mall clothiers that are already ripped at the knee or have specks of paint on them, yet cost double what you'd pay for a normal pair?

We only ask because Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury's(notes) new mask, which he'll wear when the Penguins rock their alternate sweaters this season, is the distressed jeans of goalie masks:

Marc-Andre Fleury’s new mask, puck marks included

In Goal Magazine, which first had the image, reports this is the latest work of Fleury's mask artist of choice, Stephane Bergeron:

Bergeron has taken this latest design to a new level, not just mimicking an older paint job, but adding touches to make it look older — an array of puck marks and simulated paint chipping  - as if it were created in the 70s. Of course the professional clear coat and the high quality of the work (not to mention the cage) are clearly new but the creative twist on an old concept is refreshing to see.

It is a twist, we'll give them that. But c'mon: It's like a skater wearing a mouth guard that makes it look like he's missing a tooth when he still has all his chompers. Don't goalies have to earn their paint chips and rubber streaks anymore? These kids today ...

Although, frankly, we'd rather an artist create this look than have Fleury take what looks like two dozen shots off the side of his head.

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